Below are a selection of pictures to help you understand what we are about as a company, the plantations and the type of work involved.

Nursery and establishing plantations

We specialise in setting up Acacia (Black Locust) plantations. We use farmland for all of the plantations and work with specialist nursery companies who supply specific strains of Acacia. The plantations are established during planting season (twice yearly) typically around April and November. We only plant one year old rootstock for Acacia trees and along with owing all of our machinery we currently employ a team of around eight people.

Plantation Management

The plantations require intensive management for the first few years to ensure optimal growth and we work with three expert management companies. Management work includes intensive weeding, irrigation and fertilising. Implementing modern cultivation techniques such as intensive pruning as well as coppicing encourages the trees to grow straight and the fastest possible growth.

Harvesting and transportation

Harvesting can be done manually of with a harvester and the processing can be done on site or at a sawmill. There are a number of processes which can be done after harvesting as processed timber yields more than logs. The end use for Acacia is as garden fencing posts and has an established European market.