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  • Leasehold or freehold
  • Acacia trees
  • Investment terms from 10 years in germany

We like to give our clients as many options as possible when it comes to choosing the investment that best fits their personal wishes. All investments have leasehold title and for Acacia Capital investments we also offer the freehold title from certain investment levels.

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  • Acacia investments can have freehold or leasehold title to the land. When you purchase a freehold plot, you become the legal owner of that plot and the trees planted on it. You are the owner of a freehold plot until you decide to sell it. As the owner of a plantation plot, you will benefit from the increase in value of the land over time and you have the option to make consecutive rotations with your trees. This is possible, as Acacia trees will regrow from stump, after they have been harvested.


  • You can invest only in Acacia trees, as these are the best suited for the German climate. We have listed the key features for this hardwood tree:
European timber market:High demand
Global timber market:Medium demand
Growth rate:Fast
Fertilizer needed:Little
Irrigation needed:Little
Pruning needed:Intensive
Timber value of older trees:High
Timber volume of older trees:Average
Minimum rotation needed:10 years
Planted trees per hectare:2,500

Based on our own experience  we have learned that Acacia plantations are easier to manage than other hardwoods, like Paulownia. Acacia are very robust and can cope with droughts, frosts and animal damage quite well.

Investment term

  • Investment term/rotation: Our investment are considered medium term investments as the minimum rotation we recommend is 10 years for Acacia in Germany.